Website Builders on iOS

Website Builders on iOS


Create your Pro site with an iPhone

The first website builder letting you switch from your phone to your computer with the same pro features.

The SimDif Website app features the exact same features when used on an iPhone, iPad, or a computer. There is only a couple of services proposing this today in the world!

Today making a real website without a computer is possible thanks to SimDif.

A Pro SimDif site includes everything you have in the Starter and in the Smart sites, and can take you even further in the construction and management of your presence on the web.

For example and among other things:

• The contact forms are entirely customizable to help you get the information you want from your clients

• You can install PayPal buttons to offer a secured online payment solution.

• Would you like to monetize the traffic that your site generates? Setup your own Google Ads!

You can set in details, the graphic aspects of your website and control how it appears on computers and mobile devices.

A SimDif Pro site helps you to define your own colors. Play with the transparency of the different elements. Define the corners of your tabs and pages. Choose a font for each type of titles,  and for your main text, ... You can create your own unique graphic template with the Pro version!

SimDif created a fair price for each country

SimDif has a unique way to calculate its price.

With this educational website builder anyone can use from a phone, we believe we have created something very useful. To make it available for as many people as possible, we created for SimDif, a fair price for each country around the globe.

Each country has a different cost of living. In an effort to balance everybody's chance, we think it is important to create a different price for each country.

If you want to know more about it, you can visit our page describing our Purchasing Power Parity Index here. And the following link is to show you what are the prices of SimDif where you are in the world.

Creating a fair and different price for each country...
Creating a fair and different price for each country...