Website Builders on iOS

Website Builders on iOS


Purchase and use your own domain name with a free site.

Simple Different created an ethical and independant domain name provider
Simple Different created an ethical and independant domain name provider

Here is a simpler and more ethical domain name provider.

SimDif, like most website builders, offers your site a free sub-domain for example with "" at the end.

Like many people, you may also desire to get a personal domain name for your website.
SimDif offers you a simple solution, right within the website editor.

Often, the "Free domain name included" is simply a scam.

You have seen it almost everywhere with the main website builders.
The "free domain name included" is a marketing strategy to incite you to get a paid version.
There is too often a dark side to this pseudo "good deal": You don't know the actual price of the domain name, and how much they will have the generosity to charge for it, the next year.
You may even find yourself linked by contract for a few years with these providers, purchasing your own name, at their price.
Today there are too many examples of companies doing business this way.

Instead, register your own name at the right price, and use it with a free website if you like.

This way defending the users against toxic marketing methods is a good illustration of SimDif's ethical way to do business.

Keep control of your web presence with SimDif

15 $ / year, for the usual ".com":
  • Grab your own name and use it how you see fit.
  • Use this name with a SimDif free Starter website, no need to upgrade to Pro for that.
  • Enjoy of a free https (SSL certificate). As you may know, it is now required by Google, and some are still charging a supplement for this.

SimDif created a fair price for each country

SimDif has a unique way to calculate its price.

With this educational website builder anyone can use from a phone, we believe we have created something very useful. To make it available for as many people as possible, we created for SimDif, a fair price for each country around the globe.

Each country has a different cost of living. In an effort to balance everybody's chance, we think it is important to create a different price for each country.

If you want to know more about it, you can visit our page describing our Purchasing Power Parity Index here. And the following link is to show you what are the prices of SimDif where you are in the world.

Creating a fair and different price for each country...
Creating a fair and different price for each country...

How is it that SimDif sites are visible on Google?

Unique to SimDif, you can activate the optimization assistant.
Unique to SimDif, you can activate the optimization assistant.

How to be visible on search engines with a SimDif website?

Do you know what is one of the most important things Google is trying to evaluate in a website? Its usefulness.

To be a relevant result in a search, a website has to be clearly useful to its users. On the other hand Google does not really speak any of the human languages, so, how does it measure the usefulness of a site?

Content organization is most of the answer:

If you want to help Google understand how well you answer your readers needs, you want to organize your website accordingly.
The aim of this app is to help you end up with a website clearly organized around your clients' questions. A site made with SimDif facilitates that Google memorizes a clear picture of your business.

When you publish your site, the Optimization Assistant guides you to complete the invisible but important details.

It takes a little time, and certain qualities, for a website to be visible on Google in a useful way. To help you further, you can run a test to check if you have not forgotten to address some key aspects of creating a website. It is better to fill up the metadata on each page, have a title on each block, ...
Click publish, check the list, and tap on the orange arrows: it will take you directly where the missing part is.