More about SimDif website builder for iOS

Did you know that today, with only an Android or iOS device, any small business can create and maintain a real presentation website?

a website builder for iPads and iPhones.

It's the easiest website builder app you can use on all your (mobile) devices!

For your clients and the search engines!

SimDif is also original in its ability to guide users to focus on the content of their site and on its organisation. Any professional webmaster will tell you that well organised content is what a reader needs and Google requires.

Google link:
iTunes link:
And of course there is a web based version:

How SimDif differs from the apps by Weebly or Jimdo or Wordpress?

They are present in the App Store to have users start a site or edit a blog entry. Then users will need to get back to a computer to actually build their site. These apps are more part of a marketing strategy than being an actual website building tool.

The exact same friendly way

SimDif is the unique easy website builder you can use on all your devices. Anyone can build, edit and update a site from any mobile device (Android or iOS) or a computer with a web browser.

Features of PRO version ( USD 59.00 / year ):

 - Up to 30 Pages.
 - Graphic theme designer: Easily adjust all the details of your site's appearance.
 - Paypal buttons: Online payment solution.
 - Multi-language support
 - Use of own domain with your SimDif site.
 - Protect a page with a password.
 - Google Analytics.
 - Get a free professional feedback on your site from a specialist

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