How to Make a Real Website on iPad or iPhone

Create a real website on your iPhone

You may have asked yourself ... Can I edit a website on my iPad?

Is it possible to build a website from scratch on an iPad or an iPhone?

SimDif app turns your iPad or iPhone into a website builder.

SimDif is here to simplify the process of making websites, so that you can focus on the essential: your own area of expertise.

How to make a good start on yoursite?

Spend a few minutes with a piece of paper! ( how deliciously antique! ;-)

1   • What questions do your clients or public ask about what you present? Write all these questions down, in their own words.

2   • What questions will people ask search engines to find you, even if they don't know you yet?

3   •  One page = one answer to a question on the subject you address: Dedicate a page for each specific topic, so that visitors can easily grasp the structure of your site and search engines can assess how much your site is relevant.

The video below will show you how easy it is to build a site with SimDif on iPad:

What about search engines?

The advice above and SimDif app will help you keep your visitors in mind throughout.

You will be more likely to create a site clearly organised around your visitors needs, using the words and expressions that they know and will use to find you on the search engines. 

Google also wants your visitors to find what they are looking for. And search engines in general promote sites that they believe will fulfill searcher expectations.

This method is backed up by numerous studies and by our professional experience.

“Take care of your visitors and Google will take care of you!”

Want to know more? We've prepared a few free guides to take you further:

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